Winner is: Tamara Rey

Ticket number: 21348 Answer: London



Fancy bagging this 600bhp Nissan Skyline R33 GTST?

This car is an absolute monster, in the last 12 months it’s been completely restored and resprayed in bayside blue, leaving it with 0 rust issues and a perfect example.

✅ Hybrid turbo
✅ Full stainless exhaust and manifold
✅ Big front mount intercooler
✅ Upgraded coil packs and plugs
✅ HKS induction
✅ Apexi power FC ECU
✅ Greddy boost controller
✅ HKS turbo timer
✅ HKS SSQV blow off valve

This car is a Japanese icon! There’s £20,000 worth of quick wins to be found, there’s a £15,000 cash alternative if the car isn’t for you and if you’re fast, you’ll catch it at the early bird pricing of only 59p 😱

Be quick though, this will revert back to 79p at any time!

PrizeTicket NumberWinner
Xbox Series X82639Prize Available
Xbox Series X85900Amy Band
PS5 Disc Edition7890Prize Available
Ps5 Disc Edition89440Jason erickson
Nintendo switch OLED39469Prize Available
Nintendo Switch OLED54173Prize Available
Ninja Dual Air Fryer 9.5l50323Lewis Bell
Ninja Dual Air Fryer 9.5l16002Prize Available
�1,000.0021646Tom Bradford
�1,000.0040951Prize Available
�1,000.0072862Prize Available
�1,000.0075060Ryan Mcclure
�1,000.0083883Prize Available
�1,000.0084504Prize Available
�500.0019999Connor Faulkner
�500.0023547Brad Bolderson
�500.0071904Prize Available
�500.0090578Prize Available
�500.0092044Prize Available
�200.0013591Prize Available
�200.0031932Sophie Taylor
�200.0041276Charlene Harvey
�200.0050000Lauren Whitehead
�200.0079521Tracy Lockett
�200.0084087Prize Available
�200.0087846Sam Bu
�200.0090860Prize Available
�100.0013Michael M
�100.005678Lewis Bell
�100.0019321Danielle Bostock
�100.0027239Prize Available
�100.0031214Prize Available
�100.0040688Prize Available
�100.0044830Darren Jones
�100.0049197Dean Conyard
�100.0049999Prize Available
�100.0054201Bekki WillBug
�100.0057385Jamie Taylor
�100.0059999Ben Phillips
�100.0061451Prize Available
�100.0075370Lucy Wilkinson
�100.0076620Prize Available
�100.0078525Prize Available
�100.0078995Tim Jones
�100.0081153Tim Jones
�100.0081869Lewis Bell
�100.0082641Prize Available
�100.0083470Kelly Herod
�100.0084912Prize Available
�100.0087327Julie Anderson
�100.0089999Prize Available
�100.0093618Lewis Bell
�100.0099999Chloe Howell
�50.0099Prize Available
�50.001234Prize Available
�50.004500Sinead Ridout
�50.006789Muhammed Pandor
�50.008008Prize Available
�50.009999Mark White
�50.0012345Chris J
�50.0013030Prize Available
�50.0014292Peter Robinson
�50.0018741Lucy Wilkinson
�50.0019974Andrew Bithell
�50.0025235Jake Gaitley
�50.0027651Prize Available
�50.0028189Danielle Collins
�50.0029999Prize Available
�50.0031333Anne marie Watson
�50.0033070Emma Gould
�50.0035000Lisa Hall
�50.0036280Simon Barlow
�50.0038684Troy Chalmers
�50.0039999Muhammed Pandor
�50.0040870Prize Available
�50.0043318Claudia Burgess
�50.0044356Elizabeth Anderson
�50.0047805Georgia Gardiner
�50.0048683Marcus Foster
�50.0052153Kerry Walker
�50.0053978Lucy Wilkinson
�50.0054384Derz F
�50.0055667Prize Available
�50.0057190Prize Available
�50.0059110Danielle Bostock
�50.0059930Lewis Bell
�50.0060896Paul Healey
�50.0061246Prize Available
�50.0062674Duane White
�50.0065711James Bloor
�50.0067074Simon Barlow
�50.0069999Mark Ramsell
�50.0071532Danielle Collins
�50.0074114Anne marie Watson
�50.0075000Sam Bu
�50.0077032Prize Available
�50.0079270Prize Available
�50.0081562Simon Barlow
�50.0083191Dave Lester
�50.0085000Zak Berko
�50.0090000Robert Richardson
�50.0091277Christopher Mcgovern
�50.0096425Dawn Gratton
�25 site credit50Michael Cooper
�25 site credit999Dawn Gratton
�25 site credit3456Stuart Martin
�25 site credit4567Josh Pass
�25 site credit6362Simon Barlow
�25 site credit7851Prize Available
�25 site credit8423Simon Barlow
�25 site credit11481Joe Roberts
�25 site credit12980Joe Roberts
�25 site credit13832Prize Available
�25 site credit15267Darren Smith
�25 site credit21132Dawn Gratton
�25 site credit26911linda matthews
�25 site credit28067Hannah Blears
�25 site credit29316Kathryn Sutcliffe
�25 site credit31234Joe Roberts
�25 site credit32263Amanda Poole
�25 site credit33696Deborah Tully
�25 site credit36030Prize Available
�25 site credit38057Prize Available
�25 site credit38290Prize Available
�25 site credit39919Kimberley Wint
�25 site credit42284Peter Robinson
�25 site credit43988Prize Available
�25 site credit46282Jade Godbold
�25 site credit48975Anthony Wright
�25 site credit53369Darren Cross
�25 site credit55240Gemma Allen
�25 site credit57910Prize Available
�25 site credit59326Kayleigh Meigh
�25 site credit61021Prize Available
�25 site credit62095steph tomkinson
�25 site credit62926Prize Available
�25 site credit64382Ewan Chalmers
�25 site credit65304steph tomkinson
�25 site credit65309Prize Available
�25 site credit66953Katy Mowbray
�25 site credit68040Prize Available
�25 site credit69696daniel norcup
�25 site credit73562Tracy Bowler Palmer
�25 site credit76511Tom Dale
�25 site credit80973Lauren Pemberton
�25 site credit82477Michael Hamer
�25 site credit84093Sam Bu
�25 site credit87568Paul Keates
�25 site credit88975Teigan Evitt
�25 site credit91004Prize Available
�25 site credit93161Joe Roberts
�25 site credit98524Harriet Rogers
�10 site credit4704Kimberley Lightfoot
�10 Site Credit6516Ebony Galloway
�10 Site Credit7573Kerry Walker
�10 Site Credit8396James Bloor
�10 Site Credit10434Susanna Beasley
�10 Site Credit12181Laura Chapman
�10 Site Credit12831phil gardiner
�10 Site Credit14430Peter Robinson
�10 Site Credit17338Tom Dale
�10 Site Credit19085Simon Barlow
�10 Site Credit25751Prize Available
�10 Site Credit28001Joe Roberts
�10 Site Credit28545Chris J
�10 Site Credit30000Simon Barlow
�10 Site Credit32242Duane White
�10 Site Credit33643Kirsty Stevenson
�10 Site Credit35708Prize Available
�10 Site Credit37851Robert Law
�10 Site Credit39563Louise Dudley
�10 Site Credit40000Prize Available
�10 Site Credit40723Sabrina Jones
�10 Site Credit43888Kerri-lee Phillips
�10 Site Credit44614Simon Barlow
�10 Site Credit45000Danielle Collins
�10 Site Credit46746Prize Available
�10 Site Credit48266Felicity Greenfield
�10 Site Credit49064Dean Copeland
�10 Site Credit53474Katie Walsh
�10 Site Credit57003Prize Available
�10 Site Credit60416Chris Clewlow
�10 Site Credit61339Tony Muir
�10 Site Credit62559Dameon Stevenson
�10 Site Credit62875daniel norcup
�10 Site Credit64062Peter Langford
�10 Site Credit64258Darren Smith
�10 Site Credit65195Danielle Collins
�10 Site Credit66520Lewis Bell
�10 Site Credit68212Prize Available
�10 Site Credit70283Alex Brunt
�10 site credit74409Prize Available
�10 site credit78756Tamara Rey
�10 site credit79999Tom Dale
�10 site credit82816Prize Available
�10 site credit88765Gerwyn Hughes
�10 site credit90816Katie Perry
�10 site credit91265Prize Available
�10 site credit91837William Wilcox
�10 site credit94586Prize Available



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