Man Stuff Or Cash Instant Wins

Winner is: Natasha Espley

Ticket number: 3254 Answer: Washington DC


Win one of these Mens instant wins for only 95p a ticket!! Don’t worry – 💰 EVERY PRIZE has a cash alternative available too! 💰

We’ve got Hisense 4k 50″ TV’s – Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones – Apple Watch SEs and MORE! We’ve also packed in loads of credit to keep you topped up!

Every ticket counts towards our MAIN PRIZE DRAW which is £400 CASH

We will draw this competition as soon as it sells out! Best of luck 🙌

PrizeTicket NumberWinner
Hisense 4k 50" TV OR £200 Cash3751Linda Oneill
Hisense 4k 50" TV OR £200 Cash2796Kayleigh Meigh
Hisense 4k 50" TV OR £200 Cash3292Lisa Murphy
Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones OR £180 Cash547Prize Available
Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones OR £180 Cash5463Sophie Turner
Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones OR £180 Cash3443Prize Available
Apple Watch SE OR £150 Cash5100Prize Available
Apple Watch SE OR £150 Cash11Prize Available
Apple Watch SE OR £150 Cash3939Prize Available
Apple Watch SE OR £150 Cash6119Hayden Evans
Karcher K2 OR £60 Cash1971Prize Available
Karcher K2 OR £60 Cash5464Prize Available
Karcher K2 OR £60 Cash3178Hayden Evans
Karcher K2 OR £60 Cash5085Daniel Harrop
Karcher K2 OR £60 Cash7246Kerryann Mayo
Philips 3000 Shaver OR £50 Cash2269Kerry Benbow
Philips 3000 Shaver OR £50 Cash5406Prize Available
Philips 3000 Shaver OR £50 Cash3887James Watkins
Philips 3000 Shaver OR £50 Cash4272Rachii Lizzy Ann Martin
Philips 3000 Shaver OR £50 Cash1035Prize Available
Paco Rabanne Phantom OR £45 Cash4950Hayden Evans
Paco Rabanne Phantom OR £45 Cash1665Daniel Harrop
Paco Rabanne Phantom OR £45 Cash1913Alex parker
Paco Rabanne Phantom OR £45 Cash5400Prize Available
Montblanc 100ml parfum OR £40 Cash6365Prize Available
Montblanc 100ml parfum OR £40 Cash6073Joanne Bryan
Montblanc 100ml parfum OR £40 Cash5197Prize Available
Montblanc 100ml parfum OR £40 Cash1131Prize Available
Blue Alien Fleshlight Or £20 Cash5103Hayden Evans
Blue Alien Fleshlight Or £20 Cash2717Vicky Jones
Blue Alien Fleshlight Or £20 Cash3306Kirsty T
£5 Site credit437Michael Hull
£5 Site credit7155Beth Evans
£5 Site credit3141Robyn Clarke
£5 Site credit1167Jennifer Reynolds
£5 Site credit1721Prize Available
£5 Site credit4057Prize Available
£5 Site credit5366Prize Available
£5 Site credit7118Chloe Hibbett
£5 Site credit5407Prize Available
£5 Site credit3009James Watkins
£5 Site credit2706Kirsty T
£5 Site credit5224Prize Available
£5 Site credit1688Hayden Evans
£5 Site credit893Michael Booth
£5 Site credit3719Gavin Wilshaw
£5 Site credit1650Prize Available
£5 Site credit5375Kerryann Mayo
£5 Site credit2445Prize Available
£5 Site credit2355Kirsty T
£5 Site credit701Prize Available
£5 Site credit2611Rebecca Routledge
£5 Site credit4778Prize Available
£5 Site credit1877Prize Available
£5 Site credit7077Joanne Bryan
£5 Site credit4364Prize Available
£5 Site credit7168Jaime Lockwood
£5 Site credit2199Prize Available
£5 Site credit5041Rachii Lizzy Ann Martin
£5 Site credit5844Chris J
£5 Site credit2816Prize Available
£5 Site credit5811Prize Available
£5 Site credit4675Prize Available
£5 Site credit3466Prize Available
£5 Site credit1124Prize Available
£5 Site credit5578Chris J
£5 Site credit6341Prize Available
£5 Site credit1221Kayleigh Meigh
£5 Site credit3633Victoria Cornwell
£5 Site credit7248Prize Available
£5 Site credit4910Prize Available
£5 Site credit4314Prize Available
£5 Site credit5752Prize Available
£5 Site credit3340Joanne Bryan
£5 Site credit5776Prize Available
£5 Site credit3670Prize Available
£5 Site credit7707Prize Available
£5 Site credit2905Natasha Louise
£5 Site credit108Prize Available
£5 Site credit7570Gavin Wilshaw
£5 Site credit4807Prize Available



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