Winner is: Tamara Rey

Ticket number: 17944 Answer: London


🔥 2022 KTM exc-f 350 + 150 QUICK WINS 🔥

You can bag this stunning 2022 KTM exc-f 350 with only 39 hours of use! 😍

EARLY BIRD – First 5000 tickets are only 85p

There’s also an INCREDIBLE 150 quick wins and the first 5,000 tickets will be priced at an early bird price of 85p! After this, they’ll return to 99p 😱

✅ 39 hours of use
✅ Fully road legal
✅ Sump guard
✅ Exhaust Guard
✅ Swing arm protector
✅ Rear lifting strap

Bag yourself this beauty for less than a quid!

PrizeTicket NumberWinner
£100.0013Prize Available
£25 site credit257Prize Available
£50.00627Charles Machin
£10 Site Credit963Prize Available
£25 site credit1184Craig Griffiths
£50.001999Prize Available
£200.002568Craig Cranston
£25 site credit2999Samantha Johnson
£50.003049Prize Available
£25 site credit3251Prize Available
£100.003567Joe Robinson
£10 Site Credit3654Simon Barlow
£25 site credit3999Jade Dawson
£10 Site Credit4123Jo-Jo Kelleher
£50.004256oliver wetherell
£10 Site Credit4321Prize Available
£25 site credit4512Emma Gould
£10 Site Credit4704Prize Available
£50.005000Andrea-chris Colclough
£10 Site Credit5213Simon Barlow
£25 site credit5409Charlotte Wilkinson
£500.005811Tamara Rey
£50.005999Keam Colley
£10 Site Credit6111Prize Available
£100.006358Prize Available
£25 site credit6458Bradley Clay
£10 Site Credit6547Prize Available
£50.006872Simon Barlow
£10 Site Credit7216Charles Machin
£25 site credit7258Charles Machin
£50.007394Simon Barlow
£200.007445Prize Available
£25 site credit7459Prize Available
£50.007500Prize Available
£10 Site Credit7831Prize Available
£25 site credit8157Tom Scott
£100.008299paul davies
£50.008395Joe Robinson
£10 Site Credit8737Prize Available
£25 site credit8899Prize Available
£50.009238Joanne Barker
£10 Site Credit9456Simon Barlow
£25 site credit9599Joseph Kelleher
£1,000.0010001Jackie Crawford
£50.0010458Prize Available
£10 Site Credit10895Charles Machin
£25 site credit11194Prize Available
£100.0011459paul davies
£50.0011546Victoria Malbon
£10 Site Credit12687Shane Gratton
£25 site credit12700Prize Available
£50.0012777Prize Available
£10 Site Credit12999Kerry Benbow
£25 site credit13000Prize Available
£50.0013001Prize Available
£10 Site Credit13278Gemma Allen
£100.0013336Becki Finnemore
£25 site credit13465Simon Barlow
£50.0013599Prize Available
£200.0013750Simon Barlow
£10 Site Credit13891Prize Available
£25 site credit13900Prize Available
£50.0013999Harriet Rogers
£10 Site Credit14000Prize Available
£25 site credit14007Simon Barlow
£50.0014101Prize Available
£100.0014150Tamara Rey
£10 Site Credit14162Simon Barlow
£25 site credit14199Prize Available
£50.0014201Jade Loppy
£10 Site Credit14281Krystyna Hammil
£25 site credit14443Sophie Stevenson
£25 site credit14451Prize Available
£50.0014459Megan Dawson
£10 Site Credit14782Prize Available
£25 site credit14852Vicki Hardy
£50.0014895Prize Available
£10 Site Credit14907Alan Gorman
£100.0015000Lisa Knott
£10 Site Credit15121Simon Barlow
£50.0015200Jade Dawson
£200.0015267paul davies
£25 site credit15999Kristian Hibbs
£50.0016150Maureen Sharpe
£10 Site Credit16599Prize Available
£25 site credit17821Prize Available
£10 Site Credit17993Bradley Hill
£100.0018081Gerwyn Hughes
£10 Site Credit18099Victoria Malbon
£50.0018152Prize Available
£25 site credit18457Simon Barlow
£10 Site Credit18549Mel Heath
£500.0018721Prize Available
£50.0018859Anthony scott
£10 Site Credit18999Simon Barlow
£25 site credit19009Michael Booth
£50.0019321Prize Available
£10 Site Credit19432Prize Available
£100.0019632Prize Available
£25 site credit19994Prize Available
£200.0020006Prize Available
£10 Site Credit20586Prize Available
£50.0020951Prize Available
£25 site credit20999Charles Machin
£10 Site Credit21241Prize Available
£50.0021546Prize Available
£10 Site Credit21687Luke Derby
£100.0021821Simon Barlow
£50.0021999Lee Emery
£1,000.0022000Prize Available
£25 site credit22050Kerry Benbow
£50.0022100Samantha Dawnn
£10 Site Credit22209Prize Available
£50.0022364Jason Bird
£100.0022456Lee Cooper
£25 site credit22500Simon Barlow
£50.0023411Prize Available
£10 Site Credit23547Josh Jones
£25 site credit23884Prize Available
£50.0023991Thomas Fuller
£100.0024117Prize Available
£500.0024184Craig Griffiths
£10 Site Credit24387Gemma Stone
£50.0024567Prize Available
£25 site credit24866Kevin Pattinson
£50.0025044Prize Available
£10 Site Credit25099Prize Available
£100.0025356Prize Available
£25 site credit25455paul davies
£10 Site Credit25555Samantha Johnson
£50.0025611Simon Barlow
£10 Site Credit25647Prize Available
£25 site credit25732Prize Available
£10 Site Credit25921Prize Available
£100.0025987Prize Available
£10 Site Credit26000Samantha Leech
£25 site credit26021Simon Barlow
£10 Site Credit26120Prize Available
£25 site credit26211Simon Barlow
£50.0026546Ruby Fletcher
£10 Site Credit26987Krissy Kelly
£25 site credit27000Prize Available
£50.0027125Courtney Edwards
£25 site credit27356Simon Barlow
£10 Site Credit27458Josh Sharpe
£500.0028451Jonathan Buglass
£25 site credit28549Prize Available
£50.0028799Prize Available
£10 Site Credit28999Prize Available
£50.0029999Prize Available



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