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Right, Christmas is coming, which I know sounds crazy as it’s August, but it’s only 123 days to go, which will go fast, I promise you – you don’t want to be like me who starts shopping on Dec’ 23rd and relies on couriers 😂

Anyway, this comp has a main prize of a £500 smyths voucher, or cash if you’d prefer, but it also has 50 quick wins, full of cash, credit and 10 Electric Ride on vehicles.

Your little un’ could be rolling into Christmas on their Range rover, Rolls Royce or one of the other awesome cars! 😁

There’s an early bird price of 79p, but be quick, it could go back to 99p at ANY TIME 👀


PrizeTicket NumberWinner
Ford Mustang1Maya Brisley
�25 site credit6Prize Available
�100.00198Prize Available
�50.00369Prize Available
Ford Focus Rs899Alex Cundy
�25 site credit915Lisa Green
�50.001001Prize Available
�50.001321Caroline Snape
Range Rover Velar1500
�100.001576Prize Available
�25 site credit1999Prize Available
�50.002001Mary Phillips
Land Rover Defender new shape2228Anne marie Watson
�50.002497Prize Available
�50.002561Prize Available
�25 site credit2999Prize Available
�50.003105Prize Available
�100.003551Prize Available
�50.003741Victoria Sproson
Range Rover Velar3989Anne marie Watson
�25 site credit3999Harriet Rogers
�50.004000Emma Gould
�100.004125Charlotte Downs
�50.004792Prize Available
�100.004833Rachel Louise
�25 site credit4999Prize Available
�50.005023Prize Available
Rolls Royce Phanton5555Anne marie Watson
�50.005741Anne marie Watson
Land Rover Defender 905999Prize Available
�100.006032Kelly Herod
�25 site credit6117Prize Available
�50.006788Prize Available
�25 site credit6999Prize Available
�100.007148Prize Available
�50.007251Prize Available
AUDI Rs67357Prize Available
�25 site credit7532Anne marie Watson
�25 site credit8023Anne marie Watson
�50.008432Tia Gould
Cyber Quaddy8567Prize Available
�100.008622Prize Available
�100.008797Prize Available
�50.008947Karl Walker
�100.009136Joshua Hough
�50.009358Prize Available
�100.009511Prize Available
Aston Martin DB119754Prize Available
�50.009975Prize Available
�100.009999Anne marie Watson



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