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This will be the first of our fundraising competitions in which we as a community will help to support people causes.

Harry was diagnosed with ALL leukaemia at only 21 months old. Once diagnosed he was admitted to Birmingham childrens hospital and stayed there with his mother, Katie. In this time due to covid restrictions the rest of his family were unable to see Harry. During his first few days, he had a lumbar puncture, an operation to put his permanent Hickman lines in, blood transfusions, bone marrow removed and tested, chemotherapy, steroids and numerous blood testing.

This was obviously an incredibly hard and difficult time for the family, Harry’s appearance changed due to the treatment, which was more noticeable as he’s also an identical twin to George. Harry now faces regular treatment, hospital trips, chemo, steroids and much more for the next two years until July 2024.

It’s our goal to help send the family on a holiday of a lifetime to allow them to enjoy some time together after all the stress they have been through and continue to go through.

Kala (Harry’s grandmother) has donated a signed Tyson fury glove as a prize, on top of this Sam Hammonds and Amy Hammonds from Black Opal Tattoo have also generously donated a full day tattoo sit at their studio. It will be 99p an entry and the winner will win the glove AND the tattoo sit.

On top of this, me and Paul are donating £300 to the final amount and paying for ALL the fees we receive for the competition. Every single penny for the competition will go to Harry and his family.

There isn’t a go fund me page, go fund me would take a %, so if you’d like to donate, buy some tickets on this draw, every penny will go to the family and you can win some fantastic prizes!

We appreciate your support and best of luck ❤️

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