519bhp Golf R + 15k in QUICK WINS !!

Winner is: rt1992

Ticket number: 62959 Answer: London


🔥 GOLF R + 100 QWs 🔥


Find one of the below numbers and if this number wins the comp, you’ll win the Golf and an EXTRA £5,000 cash! (only applies if the winner takes the car!)

  • 5
  • 2481
  • 3075
  • 3817
  • 5001
  • 6751
  • 18960
  • 22860
  • 25681
  • 33357
  • 39903
  • 41871
  • 43359
  • 49881
  • 51701
  • 61572
  • 75009
  • 77508
  • 85749
  • 95300

Win this INCREDIBLE Volkswagen Golf R! This car is one of the highest specs and is tuned perfectly to make it an absolute monster.

2017 Golf R
38,000 miles
519 Bhp
589 NM Torque
Ram air induction kit with larger silicone hose
Turbo muffler delete
Upgraded turbo elbow
MTC intercooler & uprated silicone hoses
Scorpion decat downpipe 3”
Full 3” custom exhaust
DVB+ diverter valve
Auto tech HPFP
4 bar map sensor
Michelin pilot super sport 4 tyres
Grooved and vented brake discs
Red stuff brake pads
Upgraded braided brake hoses
Fast line FL530 hybrid turbo
Upgraded engine mount
Oettinger rear spoiler
Maxton front splitter
Maxton side skirts
Maxton rear aggressive diffuser
Maxton Side spats
Black wing mirror caps
Bola FLB 19” forged wheels
Digital Dash
Cloth interior seats
Heated seats
Climate control

There’s also 100 quick wins to find! The best part is, it’s only 69p 😍

PrizeTicket NumberWinner
�1,000.001Daisy🌼🌼 Jumao-as
�50.00257Georgina Woodward
�100.00627Prize Available
�200.00963Prize Available
�25 Site Credit1184Marion Parkin
�200.001999Prize Available
�100.002568Prize Available
�500.002999Prize Available
�50.003049Lucy Webb
�100.003251Jake Ellison
�200.003567Prize Available
�50 Site Credit3999Kim Nyul
�25 Site Credit4123Toni Kirkland
�100.004321Tracey Harvey-Dudley
�500.004704Issy Elward
�50.005000Tammi Vaughan
�25 Site Credit5409Lauryn Winter
�100.005811Nath Brookes
�50.006111Karl Barker
�1,000.006315Prize Available
�25 Site Credit6610Prize Available
�1,000.007021Prize Available
�50.007216Simon Barlow
�200.007394Joanne Hancock
�50 Site Credit7445Prize Available
�500.007500Mark Devon
�100.007831Mandy Kershaw
�200.008157mark law
�50.008395Prize Available
�25 Site Credit8737Elena Trevor
�200.009238Jack Cross
�100.009456Stace Crutchley
�25 Site Credit10001Prize Available
�200.0010895Prize Available
�50.0011194Prize Available
�25 Site Credit12687Prize Available
�100.0012777Prize Available
�50.0013001Prize Available
�500.0013278David Blundred
�25 Site Credit13465Prize Available
�100.0013891Abby Hughes
�50.0014007Kelly Delaney
�50 Site Credit14162Natalie Cattlin
�25 Site Credit14281Lauren Everill
�200.0014443Prize Available
�100.0014782Jake Ellison
�50.0014895Prize Available
�50 Site Credit14907Jack Cartwright
�25 Site Credit15000Prize Available
�100.0015267Jack Washington
�500.0017821Emily Almond
�50.0017993callum davies
�25 Site Credit18081Prize Available
�100.0018099Lee West
�500.0018299Prize Available
�50.0018549Prize Available
�25 Site Credit18721David Wood
�200.0019009Rich Townsend
�50.0019321Laurie Shelley
�100.0019994Simon Barlow
�25 Site Credit20006Prize Available
�200.0020586Saya Moore
�50.0020951Nicky Stone
�25 Site Credit21241Anne Hogarth
�200.0021687Prize Available
�50 Site Credit21821Prize Available
�25 Site Credit21999Prize Available
�50.0022000Prize Available
�100.0022100Prize Available
�200.0022209Prize Available
�25 Site Credit24562Lucian Pop
�200.0025564Prize Available
�25 Site Credit26458Sonny Barnes
�50.0027845Kirsty Humphreys
�100.0028954Will Weaver
�25 Site Credit29788Prize Available
�500.0030360Prize Available
�25 Site Credit32125Lee West
�50.0035642Prize Available
�100.0036594Cody Windsor
�50 Site Credit37856Prize Available
�25 Site Credit39052Prize Available
�50.0041023Prize Available
�500.0041773Prize Available
�500.0044326Prize Available
�200.0047565Prize Available
�50 Site Credit49552Simon Barlow
�50.0051245Georgie Hart
�100.0054233Kimberley Johnson
�50 Site Credit55565Toni Levesconte
�25 Site Credit58978Prize Available
�500.0062204Prize Available
�500.0063544Prize Available
�50 Site Credit72365Prize Available
�200.0077358Prize Available
�100.0081250Prize Available
�100.0087450Prize Available
�50.0092106Prize Available
�100.0095456Tammi Vaughan
�500.0099999Lisa Beesley



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