AMAZING Family Thrill Pack 5 Prizes in 1 !

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So apparently its good to spend time with your family and kids, well that’s what we’ve heard anyway 😁   So we have put together a bunch of experiences that you can get together and have a jolly good old time with each other…..or at least take some great pictures so it looks that way  😂


But seriously how cool is this Package !!


So you will win 5 amazing prizes in 1 !


Junior Double Fast and Furious Driving Blast with High Speed Passenger Ride :- 


Satisfy your need for speed with this Fast and Furious junior driving blast for one. Inspired by the popular franchise, this driving experience is sure to create that adrenaline rush you’re after. At your choice of venue across the UK, you’ll start off with a safety briefing before getting in the driver’s seat. Choose two cars from the famous film franchise, with a fleet including a Toyota Supra 2JZ, a R34 Skyline and a Nissan GT-R Nismo. Take to the track and drive each car for three miles, feeling like a real racer. For the finishing touch to this thrilling experience, get a real adrenaline rush with a high-speed passenger ride with the instructor. Do you have what it takes?  Minimum Age 10, Maximum Age 17



Destroy’d Rage Room for Two :-


Have you ever wanted to just, you know, destroy something? Smash it to smithereens? Well, now you can with this 30-minute rage room experience for two! You’ll be provided with protective clothing including overalls, gloves and visors before stepping into the rage room to let loose. Pick your weapon of choice and go to town on the range of items provided, obliterating anything from glassware and crockery to TVs and printers. Let out all that anger and built-up tension in the room and you’re sure to leave feeling a little bit lighter. Plus, you can record your experience and even select your own playlist of songs to smash to! It will be a unique experience that you’ll never forget.



Paintballing for Four :- 



Lock, load and get ready for a fun day out with this fantastic paintballing experience for four people! If you’re looking for a day filled with action and adventure, this is the perfect experience for you. Suit yourselves up in camo and protective face gear and claim your issued paintball marker as you take to the battlefield to see who will be the last one standing! Available at a number of venues across the UK, you’ll be given a full safety briefing and training before you face each other in furious paintball-splatting combat! With up to 12 games of paintball madness to look forward to, you’ll roll, sprint and dodge as you evade the onslaught of enemy fire before turning the tables and firing back, showing your opponent’s exactly who they’re messing with! Minimum age 15


Treetop Adventure for One Adult and One Child at Go Ape :-



Challenge yourself to Go Ape with this exhilarating treetop adventure. Following a safety briefing, in which you’ll get to grips with the equipment and learn the ropes at a lower level, you’ll be allowed to roam the woodland canopy at your leisure. You’ll leap off Tarzan Swings, take on Rope Ladders and tackle a variety of obstacles and crossings before feeling the rush of an epic zip wire. All sites include a wonderful spattering of beautiful scenery – making them the ideal place to get in touch with your wild side. Adult over 16 and Child 16 and under.



Superhero Photoshoot :-


Ever dreamt of being a superhero or have a passion for Cosplay? Well now you can turn that fantasy into a reality and unleash your inner hero with this cinematic CAPOW experience. Jump into the action and start by getting into the suit of your favourite marvel character, picking from a super range of costumes and props then strike a pose in front of realistic movie backdrops like a death-defying skyscraper. When it’s time to hang up your cloak, the expert photographers will use their powers to add in a host of special effect from laser beams and explosions to extreme weather layers, you’ll look straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster!


If Nothing else at least it will get you and them out of the house!



5% To Charity


Best of Luck to Everyone !













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