4x Quick win cars – 350 Quick wins – £10,000 Main prize

Winner is: Sarah Elizabeth

Ticket number: 177134 Answer: London



SPECIAL OFFER – Find one of the cars before 18.00pm 25/07 and you’ll bag the car AND an extra £5,000 cash IF YOU TAKE THE CAR!

Ticket – 57003 – Astra VXR

Ticket – 187592 – Focus RS

The main prize on this comp is a massive £10,000 cash!

But there’s 350 quick wins to find, the most we’ve EVER had!

4 of those are cars and they’re RIDICULOUS!

✅ Ford Focus RS
✅ Mitsubishi Evo 7
✅ Range Rover Evoque
✅ Vauxhall Astra VXR

The total prize pot is WAY over £100,000!

All this for only 99p

Ford Focus RS


  • 420bhp Stage 3 Collins performance
  • 63k miles
  • Recaro seats
  • FSH
  • Mongoose section 59 exhaust
  • Induction kit, uprated fuel pump, airtec stage 2 intercooler
  • MOT until FEB ’24

Mitsubishi Evo 7


  • 166k on the clock (mix of miles and kilometers) just over 100k miles
  • full restoration in june ’22
  • Rota GTR alloys
  • Full original recaro interior
  • Aftermarket intercooler
  • will come with 12 months MOT
  • Full Japanese import with plenty of paperwork, including Japanese service paperwork

Range Rover Evoque


  • 35k miles (SUPER LOW)
  • full leather interior
  • sat nav/media screen
  • Panoramic roof
  • Will come with 12 months MOT

Vauxhall Astra VXR


  • 22k miles (SUPER LOW)
  • Recaro interior
  • 276bhp/400Nm torque
  • Will come with 12 months MOT
PrizeTicket NumberWinner
�200.001Georgina Woodward
�10 Site Credit50Philip Meir
�50.0099Rachel Butler
�100.00696Will Clewes
�25 Site Credit999Phil Carswell
�25 Site Credit1234Prize Available
�50.002345Nicky Talbot
�10 Site Credit3456Ash Cosgrove
�200.004500Prize Available
�25 Site Credit4567Zach Critchlow
�25 Site Credit5678Kirsty Bennett
�100.006344Prize Available
�10 Site Credit6362Kyle Kirkham
�200.006516Julie Meadowcroft
�50.006789Aftab Alli
�25 Site Credit7573Nathan K Davey
�500.007851Jake Gilham
�100.007890Sarah Hulse
�200.008008Princess Jessica
�50.008396Samantha Wilcox
�10 Site Credit8423Prize Available
�25 Site Credit8427Prize Available
�100.009999Prize Available
�10 Site Credit10434Gaz Bartlett
�200.0010585Olivia Jay
�25 Site Credit11481Michael Mitchell
�50.0012181Ken Oakes
�10 Site Credit12345Nicholas Henty
�200.0012831Nick Henty
�100.0012980Judy McCutcheon
�25 Site Credit13030Amy Lowe
�25 Site Credit13591Michael M
�10 Site Credit13832Laura Davies
�25 Site Credit14292Michael M
�200.0014430Prize Available
�25 Site Credit15836Wayne Clegg
�100.0017338Nick Henty
�50.0018741Gary Marston
�25 Site Credit19085Prize Available
�10 Site Credit19261Ash Cosgrove
�250.0019974Tracey Harvey-Dudley
�50.0019999Jackie Lownds
�25 Site Credit21132Chris Dunnett
�100.0023501Leanne Baddeley
�10 Site Credit25235Danielle Richards
�50.0025751Johannes Botha
�10 Site Credit26911Nicholas Henty
�100.0027239Tina Bates
�100.0027651Melissa Challinor
�200.0028001Keith Hurlstone
�25 Site Credit28067Johannes Botha
�50.0028189Lisa Woodcock
�50.0028545CARL BRUNT
�10 Site Credit29316Roxy Charlton
�100.0029999Martin Smith
�10 Site Credit30000Rich Townsend
�200.0031214Tricia Donnelly
�50.0031234Georgina Woodward
�10 Site Credit31333Prize Available
�100.0031932Jade Hodgkinson
�100.0032242Rachel massey
�10 Site Credit32263Hayley Cooper
�250.0033070Antony Moore
�50.0033643Katie Thompson
�10 Site Credit33696Tristan Chadwick
�200.0035000Kelly Manning
�25 Site Credit35387Rachel massey
�100.0035708Simon Holt
�10 Site Credit36030Jack Richardson
�50.0036280Catherine Chell
�200.0037851Prize Available
�100.0038057Prize Available
�10 Site Credit38290Gemma Denic
�100.0038684Callum Hunter
�25 Site Credit39563Chris Orme
�200.0039919Kerry Morton
�50.0039999Daniel Gilchrist
�10 Site Credit40000Craig Heasley
�100.0040688Rory Crichton
�250.0040723Jason Edgington
�25 Site Credit40870Luke Derby
�200.0041276Olivia Jay
�10 Site Credit42284Prize Available
�100.0043318Sonny Barnes
�100.0043888Natasha Espley
�50.0043988Tony Applegarth
�25 Site Credit44614Princess Jessica
�100.0044830Bonnie Patrick
�50.0044945Paul Traynor
�100.0045000Daniel Slesser
�10 Site Credit46282Laney Fleet
�100.0046746Jamie Leather
�25 Site Credit47283Shaun Mullock
�25 Site Credit47805Jamie Leather
�100.0048266Andrew Perry
�100.0048683Jamie Leather
�10 Site Credit48702Jake Ellison
�200.0049064Nicholas Henty
�25 Site Credit49197Michael M
�50.0049999Gemma Bennett
�25 Site Credit50000Stacey Mutton
�10 Site Credit50323EMMA Smith
�100.0052153Prize Available
�10 Site Credit53369Morgan Cavanagh
�50.0053474Prize Available
�100.0053978Michael M
�10 Site Credit54173Zach Critchlow
�250.0054201Steve Birej
�50.0054384Prize Available
�100.0054560Matthew Riley
�10 Site Credit55240WESLEY BIRKS
�10 Site Credit55667Callum Kelly
Vauxhall Astra VXR57003Callum Hunter
�25 Site Credit57190Prize Available
�100.0057385Prize Available
�10 Site Credit57910Sarah Hulse
�100.0059110Prize Available
�50.0059170Tina Bates
�50.0059326Andrew Walters
�10 Site Credit59930Jamie Leather
�200.0059999Dean Cope
�25 Site Credit60184Tamara Rey
�100.0060416Nicholas Henty
�10 Site Credit60896Prize Available
�50.0061021Johannes Botha
�25 Site Credit61246Callum Gibson
�200.0061339Natalie Taylor
�100.0061451Ste Bennett
�10 Site Credit62095Kimberley MacGregor
�200.0062559Prize Available
�50.0062674Catrina Gloster
�25 Site Credit62875Michael M
�10 Site Credit62926Darren Jones
�100.0064062Rachel Perry
�1,000.0064111Sammi Bell
�25 Site Credit64258Daniel Stokes
�100.0064382Anthony Hennessy
�50.0065195Emma Chiaramonte
�10 Site Credit65304Prize Available
�100.0065711Jennifer Metcalfe
�10 Site Credit66520Prize Available
�25 Site Credit66953Michael M
�200.0067074Nick Henty
�50.0068040Tom Roberts
�10 Site Credit68212Derren Henry
�100.0068550Tamara Rey
�10 Site Credit69696Robyn Clarke
�100.0069999Rachel massey
�10 Site Credit70283Jack Myatt
�100.0071532Nick Henty
�50.0073562Keam Colley
�25 Site Credit74114Michael M
�200.0074409Sarah Jane
�10 Site Credit75000Samantha Allen
�100.0075370Jason Lewis
�50.0076511Prize Available
�25 Site Credit76620Prize Available
�200.0077032Jamie Leather
�100.0078525Tracey Harvey-Dudley
�100.0078756Michael M
�25 Site Credit78995Nicola Meredith
�100.0079270Natalie Kempson
�10 Site Credit79521Johannes Botha
�50.0079999Georgina Woodward
�25 Site Credit80000Natasha Espley
�100.0080973Jamie Leather
�25 site credit81153Jade Loppy
�50.0081562Emma Allen
�10 Site Credit81869Chris Dunnett
�200.0082477Jake Edwards
�10 Site Credit82641Emma Gould
�10 Site Credit82816Wayne Clegg
�1,000.0083191Lisa Green
�25 Site Credit83470Lisa Delgado
�100.0084087Victoria Malbon
�50.0084093Bekki WillBug
�10 Site Credit84912Craig Heasley
�200.0085000Amy Senior
�50.0085900Rachel Eve Thompson
�25 Site Credit87327Gavin Harvey
�100.0087568Rachel Perry
�100.0087846Kim Lisa
�10 Site Credit88765Andrew Perry
�100.0088975Kerry Benbow
�25 Site Credit89999Ryan Mountford
�25 Site Credit90000Irina Samsonova
�200.0090816Sam Hammonds
�10 Site Credit90860Wade Taylor
�500.0091004Donna Burgess
�250.0091265Dean Cope
�50.0091277Maxine Wathen
�25 Site Credit91837Chris J
�25 Site Credit92044Erin Carrick
�100.0093161Kayleigh Chesters
�10 Site Credit93618Ryan Welsh
�200.0093724Jamie Leather
�10 Site Credit95000Rachel Eve Thompson
�500.0095197Chris Minshull
�50.0096308Michael M
�25 Site Credit96430James Bloor
�100.0097035Stuart Elliot
�10 Site Credit97129Prize Available
�100.0097764Tracey Brock
�100.0097819Prize Available
�200.0097896Dave Wynn
�50.0098109Michael M
�10 Site Credit98162Georgia Copestick
�100.0098479Ash Cosgrove
�10 Site Credit98969Prize Available
�50.0099130Chantelle Walsh
�200.0099999Prize Available
�25 Site Credit100000Amanda Clarke
�100.00101329Michael Forbes
�10 Site Credit101398Laura Flowers
�50.00101536Tom Lea
�10 Site Credit101635Jo Marshall
�50.00101890Shannon Prince
�100.00102660Steven Cowie
�25 Site Credit102792Michael M
�50.00102804Adina Pyatt
�200.00103503Prize Available
�100.00103621Destiny Watson
�50.00104766Laura Nicklin
�10 Site Credit105000Kieran Peake
�50.00106680Jamie Cropper
�10 Site Credit106778Irina Samsonova
�100.00107190Jessica Painter
�200.00107892Martyn Robinson
�50.00109999Camilla Gibson
�25 Site Credit110000Jake Bourne
�100.00110107Siân Matthews
�50.00110735Rachel massey
�10 Site Credit111409Richard Keates
�50.00111422Gemma Mayo
�10 Site Credit111832Luke Derby
�50.00113545Alyssa Parsons
�10 Site Credit113742Alisdair Buttery
�100.00113918Nicholas Henty
�25 Site Credit114062Sarah Ball
�50.00114554Prize Available
�100.00114635Lisa Delgado
�10 Site Credit114672Craig Heasley
�100.00114752Nick Henty
�200.00115000Angela Osborne
�10 Site Credit115378Natasha Espley
�50.00115532Leigh Higham
�50.00115752Megan Boden
�200.00116465Haydn Lucas
�25 Site Credit116760Shona Kirby
�50.00117027Amanda Britchfield
�1,000.00117637Lisa Hall
�10 Site Credit118348Lori-anne Lea
�100.00118622Ben Ben
Mitsubishi Evo119428Megan Cunningham
�10 Site Credit119439Jordan Fisher
�100.00119546Laura Henshall
�50.00119899Prize Available
�100.00119999Carrie Taylor
�25 Site Credit120000Prize Available
�1,000.00121674Amy Tolley
�10 Site Credit122358Gem-Gems Dupes
�1,000.00122640Prize Available
�100.00122775Jamie Leather
�25 Site Credit123456Pat Shaw
�10 Site Credit124190Jack Washington
�100.00124248Catherine Chell
�10 Site Credit124399Chris J
�100.00124620Barry Anderson
�500.00124912Olivia Jay
�25 Site Credit125000Rob Bradbury
�50.00125983Louise Dawson
�10 Site Credit126063Andrew Serridge
�100.00126630Becky Harrison
�50.00126713andrew obrien
�10 Site Credit126989Chris Dunnett
�100.00127098Martin Smith
�100.00128056Robert Dixon
�10 Site Credit128099Nick Henty
�50.00128374Prize Available
�25 Site Credit128677Jake Ellison
�10 Site Credit128824Jake Farr-Green
�50.00129394Zach Critchlow
�10 Site Credit129999Tina Bates
�50.00130000Chelsea Baskeyfield
�100.00131394Chelsey white
�10 Site Credit131579Prize Available
�25 site credit131906James Obrien
�10 Site Credit131982Nick Henty
�100.00132116Tom Lea
�50.00132195Brendan Norcup
�250.00133455Robert BielInski
�10 Site Credit133737Dawn Gratton
�100.00134146Paul Mintram
�250.00134999Charlotte Price
�1,000.00140699Prize Available
Range Rover Evoque143860Tom Roberts
�500.00147540Tina Bates
�50.00149999andy Coates
�10 Site Credit150213David Weaver
�50.00150255Leanne Baddeley
�25 site credit151564Charles Machin
�50.00152365Jodie Murgatroyd
�250.00153659Katrina Hackney
�50.00154698Sydney Jones
�1,000.00156552Prize Available
�10 Site Credit155649Claire Hassall
�50.00156798Caroline Snape
�25 site credit157213Nicholas Henty
�1,000.00157954Prize Available
�50.00158999Jade BetziBows
�250.00159165Dylan Smith
�10 Site Credit159999Gaynor Mason
�200.00160152Sarah Rigby
�10 Site Credit162315Michael Mitchell
�250.00163564Lee Emery
�50.00164879Kerry Benbow
�200.00165987Kimberley Yates
�25 site credit166983Kayleigh Gotham
�200.00167845Louise Dawson
�250.00168799scott wright
�200.00169874Rachel Yewdell
�10 Site Credit169999Samantha Allen
�50.00170125Samantha Dawnn
�200.00171254Rob Owen
�250.00171564Emma Harrop
�10 Site Credit172546Marc Egan
�25 site credit173564Joanna Rae
�50.00173664Craig Heasley
�10 Site Credit173999Helen Morrissey
�250.00174012Laney Fleet
�10 Site Credit174587Tamara Rey
�100.00174647Luke Derby
�10 Site Credit175120Chris Dunnett
�50.00175213Daniel Mayer
�100.00175314Prize Available
�250.00175451Chris Cliffe
�100.00175699Joshua Swann
�25 site credit176478Shaun Allcock
�50.00176599Prize Available
�10 Site Credit176999Rachel Butler
�250.00177800Mark Allen
�100.00177999Tricia Donnelly
�10 Site Credit178456Chantelle Osborne
�10 Site Credit178657Chels Birks
�50.00178999Harry Fairbrother
�10 Site Credit181450Jack Myatt
�100.00182312Lisa Green
�50.00185874Anthony Hennessy
Ford Focus RS187592Zoe Walton Hall
�10 Site Credit189999Prize Available



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